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Georgia is home to a deep talent pool, and is home to various fortune 500 companies, startups, and small business. We know that human capital, knowhow, skills, and determination are key facets of innovation, and that a strong and diverse pool of talent is key in spurring economic growth. The Workforce Development pillar of the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation engages the current and developing workforce to build meaningful careers, create systems of economic justice and mobility, build pipelines for talent to Georgia employers across the state, to boost connectivity and drive innovation throughout the state and its various sectors.

Workforce for Tomorrow Fellowship

The rotational fellowship program aims to cultivate next-generation leaders with multi-industry transferable skills that deftly navigate public/private sectors, and to build public-private partnerships in key growth areas for social impact. During the paid year-long program, fellows (program participants) will be able to work for 3 employers in the private, public, and research sectors of the same industry (e.g. sustainability and energy, agriculture, finance, etc,) for 3-4, or 6 months each. The goal is to create a workforce with the skills to build a connected ecosystem in the state. For more information, please contact Clarence Anthony Jr. via

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