Workforce for Tomorrow Fellowship

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The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is seeking site hosts, and fellows for the Workforce for Tomorrow rotational fellowship!

Site Hosts

Who Can Apply?

Companies or organizations within the public or private sectors, located in the state of Georgia, who are committed to advancing inclusivity and providing a developmental experience for early career professionals. Start-ups are also eligible. 

How to Apply?

To prepare for your site host application, see the questions below to determine best fit for the program:

  • What? What types of projects would potential fellows work on?
  • Who? What type of skillset, educational, and professional background are you seeking in a fellow for your placement?
  • Why? Why will your company or organization benefit from having fellows? Why might fellows be interested in being placed with your company or organization?
  • How? How will this experience help fellows to develop additional skills, expertise, and build social capital through networking and mentorship>
  • Value Statement: How is your work serving Georgians? 

You can find the full guidelines for applying to be a site host utilizing the link to the right.

Site Host Expectations

Site hosts will be expected to employ, mentor, and supervise fellows for 6-month rotations. Deliverables will include a midterm evaluation (3 months into the rotation) and final evaluation (at the conclusion of the rotation) for each fellow. There will also be an opening and closing ceremony at the beginning and ending of each fellowship class. 


Who Can Apply?

Bachelors and master’s degree holders, who have graduated within the last 18 months. We additionally have a strong preference for early career professionals with less than 5 years of work experience. 

How to Apply?

To apply to be a fellow, visit the GT HR Careers website:

All applications will be reviewed by the workforce development program manager, and suitable candidates will be invited to interview for the fellowship. In preparation for interviews, it is also beneficial to consider the following.

  • What? What do you hope to accomplish by participating in the fellowship for the year?
  • Who? Based on our public – private partners (site hosts), who might you want to work with as a fellow? What industries are you considering?
  • Why? Why will participating in the fellowship help you to grow as a professional?
  • How? How will you leverage this experience to grow professionally?
  • Value Statement: What contribution do you want to make to boosting innovation in the state? How do you advance inclusivity in your life and career?

Fellow Expectations

Fellows are expected to complete a 6-month rotation (each) with two companies. One rotation will be in the public sector and the other will be in the private sector. Fellows are also expected to participate in monthly professional development events, and an opening and closing ceremony. 


If you have questions about submitting a research proposal, please contact Clarence Anthony Jr.  to discuss further. Schedule a meeting with Clarence via Calendly today.


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