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A High-tech Endeavor

By pinalice | May 28, 2021, 1:05pm EDT

Food and Agriculture has grown into a high-tech endeavor with the evolution of technologies that support the production, processing, and manufacturing of agricultural products. This has been enabled by rapid digitization and data science developments (artificial intelligence, machine learning), advanced sensing capabilities (imaging, 3D sensing, localization, chemical & biological sensing), and robotics and automation (adaptive controls, high degree of freedom systems). Georgia is uniquely positioned to be a significant Ag Tech leader due to the diversity of products produced in the state and the wealth of knowledge and resources available through the Universities and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Webinar features:

Doug BrittonModerator
Principal Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Ravi Godbolé
Global Research & Innovation Manager, AGCO

Harald Scherm
Professor & Department Head, College of Agricultural & Environmental Science, University of Georgia

Jie Xu
Principal Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute



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