SMARTer Together: June 24

Building Climate Resiliency

By pinalice | May 16, 2021, 5:05pm EDT

Climate change in the Anthropocene era has introduced new challenges in infrastructure management. With limited funding, fragmented data availability, methodological evolution and a relatively slow-to-change institutional framework, local agencies must develop processes that enable them to anticipate and address evolving challenges while managing existing ones. Panelists will discuss Building Climate Resiliency!

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Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy
Associate Chair for Global Engineering Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Professor, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech

Russ Clark
Senior Research Scientist, College of Computing, Georgia Tech

Heejun Chang
Professor and Chair, Department of Geography, Portland State University

Thomas A. Wall
Program Lead, Engineering & Applied Resilience, Argonne National Laboratory

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