Philanthropy News Digest: The Essential Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Future Building

August 01, 2023, 9:08am EDT

In a compelling piece from Philanthropy News Digest, Debra Lam, the founding executive director of the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation, emphasizes the need to reimagine public-private partnerships (PPPs) for a better future. She discusses the diverse visions people have for the future, from AI advancements to tackling societal challenges like food insecurity and climate change. Lam highlights the importance of nonprofits collaborating with public and private organizations to drive sustainable social good at scale. The evolving model of PPPs involves a broader coalition, including nonprofits, foundations, universities, small businesses, corporations, and governments, working together to address complex issues. Lam also showcases successful examples of such partnerships and emphasizes the unique role of nonprofits, their commitment to social causes, advocacy for underrepresented communities, accountability, flexibility, and potential to tap into the future workforce’s mission-driven mindset. Ultimately, Lam advocates for stronger collaborations among nonprofits, public institutions, and private companies to tackle complex challenges and create a future that benefits society as a whole.

Read more in the Philanthropy News Digest article here.



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