Summer Internships 2023 – Informational Webinar

February 09, 2023, 1:02pm EDT


Date: February 8th, 2023


Cody M. Cocchi, Ed.D. | Student Engagement Manager, Partnership for Inclusive Innovation | LinkedIn

Description: Join us to learn more about the 2023 Smart Community Corps summer internship Program.

The Summer Internships program is the first statewide program of its kind for civic-minded students to gain hands-on smart city experience. Working as a summer cohort and, in most cases, in community pairs, interns are placed with project sites across Georgia and the U.S. to support innovation work that are dedicated to creating livable and equitable communities. In addition to a full-time, competitive summer stipend, interns are provided curriculum programming in sustainability, innovation, career development and mentorship. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students at any public or private college/university. This summer students are supported by generous contributions from Gulfstream.

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