The Hub: Georgia Aims To Be The Tech Capital Of The East

May 25, 2021, 5:05pm EDT

In early talks developing the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (PIN), an initiative to encourage economic development and entrepreneurship, it was understood that attention must be paid to underrepresented innovators.

Speaking with Times of Entrepreneurship, Debra Lam, founding executive director of PIN, stated building inclusive communities begins with putting the work in. PIN sees the contributions and successes of innovators and entrepreneurs from underrepresented demographics and areas as important keys to the state’s success.

“That kind of co-creation, I think, makes the research better, because you get the community to validate, and hopefully give feedback on the research,” Lam explained. “But then you have the community benefiting from that as well, with that kind of innovation collaboration. So, it’s actually empowering the community to innovate.”

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