Streamlining Suburban Transit in Sandy Springs (Webinar)

The City of Sandy Springs will give a final presentation on their Georgia Smart Communities Challenge "Streamlining Suburban Transit" project.

August 26, 2021, 9:08am EDT

Date: 9/9/2021


Kristen Wescott | Traffic/Transportation Manager, City of Sandy Springs | LinkedIn

Dr. Kari E. Watkins | Frederick Law Olmsted Associate Professor, Georgia Tech | LinkedIn

Dr. Micheal P. Hunter | Professor, Georgia Tech | LinkedIn

Natalie Smusz-Mengelkoch | Senior ITS Engineer, Kimley-Horn | LinkedIn

Over the last year, the Sandy Springs project and research team have worked together to plan, install, pilot, and evaluate the innovative Transit Signal Priority (TSP) system using an API, including its effects on the corresponding bus system. The project sought to improve mobility, maximize the transit system and improve walkability and sense of place in the Perimeter and Roswell Road areas without the need for extensive infrastructure investments such as bus-only lanes or expensive hardware and radios. Specifically, Sandy Springs will test TSP on MARTA bus route 5 which connects the Dunwoody and Lindbergh MARTA rail stations and operates with 15-minute headway.

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