Smart Pedestrian Planning in Clayton County

Clayton County will give a final presentation on their Georgia Smart Communities Challenge "Smart Pedestrian Planning" project.

By stephbrox | June 28, 2021, 4:06pm EDT

Register here for the September 16th webinar!

Each year, the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation supports communities across Georgia through the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge community research assistance program. Georgia Smart empowers communities to envision and plan for a smarter future by providing opportunities to work with Georgia Tech and university researchers to advance local initiatives. In 2020, Clayton County was one of four communities supported by Georgia Smart for their “Smart Pedestrian Planning” project, which sought to identify smart technologies to support walkability in the community.

Over the last year, the Clayton County project team has employed local high school students to use new semi-automated data collection methods to inventory roadsides and sidewalks throughout the county and along main pedestrian corridors to build a robust database needed to support the pedestrian asset management system.

Please join the Partnership and the Georgia Planning Association for Clayton County’s final project presentation by registering for the webinar here. We will celebrate the progress this project has made over the last year while learning more about the process, technology, and support necessary to make this a reality in other Georgia communities.

The webinar will feature the project lead, team members, and researchers who have worked on the Sandy Springs project this year.

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