A Year of Connectivity

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation supports local governments of any size within the State of Georgia—cities, counties and consolidated city-county governments—by providing access to technical assistance, expert advice and a network of peers.

The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge is one program that helps communities conduct research to thrive. Chosen communities receive access to a breadth of resources including a team of researchers. Alumni from the Georgia Smart program have successfully implemented their projects and garnered additional funding and technical assistance to continue their projects beyond the program period, continuing to service their residents and meet their community’s goals.

For this year’s cohort, Georgia Smart will select up to four communities for an enhanced two-year program centered on Community Connectivity. This is defined as optimizing access to broadband internet to facilitate integrating smart technologies and should include projects relating to Agricultural Technology (AgriTech), Healthcare, and Education & Workforce Development.

Georgia Smart projects will be comprised of four phases: Planning, Community Engagement, Technology Pilot and Research. This will allow communities to plan for a project, submit for funding, execute implementation and evaluate results, all with the help of Georgia Tech experts.

Key Dates:

Challenge Launch: April 5th, 2021

Pre-application (Now Optional) Due: May 3rd, 2021

Final Application Due: June 1st, 2021

Winning Projects Announced: July 2021

E-mail InclusiveInnovation@gatech.edu with basic questions. For in-depth questions or if you would like to meet with the Community Research Manager, please follow this link to schedule a meeting.


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