Georgia Smart Communities Challenge

Smart and connected communities rely on people and data to enable informed decisions and create sustainable smart development. This starts with a research-led process that builds on the fundamental scientific and technical expertise of academics and researchers. The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation supports local governments of any size within the State of Georgia—cities, counties, and consolidated city-county governments – by providing access to technical assistance, expert advice, and a network of peers.

The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge is one program that helps communities research to thrive and empowers communities in their journey to innovation while building resilience for when the expected and unexpected occur. Chosen communities receive access to a breadth of resources including a team of researchers. Alumni from the Georgia Smart program have successfully implemented their projects and garnered additional funding and technical assistance to continue their projects beyond the program period, continuing to service their residents and meet their community’s goals.

The applications for Georgia Smart are currently closed, but it’s never too early to prepare for application! Check back soon for upcoming deadlines, or contact our Community Research Manager to learn more about the application process.

Application Closed
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