Georgia Smart Communities Challenge 2021 Application

Thank you for your interest in our program, and we look forward to learning about your
community’s vision, motivation and project! You will be required to answer the following questions in the pre-application process.

Please remember to complete your answers before submission and save them in an alternate location. Two to three paragraphs per question should be sufficient, and responses should not exceed 2,500 words each or 5,000 words total. All sections are required, and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Q1. Describe the vision your community has for broadband deployment. This section should address the following questions:

  • What is your vision for having improved broadband access?
  • What standards are you trying to meet through this proposed project?
  • How does improved access to broadband fit in with current community overall vision and goals?
  • What do you hope to achieve through this program in the long-term?

Q2 Discuss your community’s motivation to participate in the GA Smart Communities Challenge.
This section should address the following questions:

  • What are the current conditions and availability of connectivity in your community?
  • If connectivity is unavailable or scarce, what policies or procedures have been developed or are planned to work around community needs for broadband?
  • Describe any prior efforts, citizen feedback or other motivating factors

Q3. The second year of the Georgia Smart 2021 cohort will include implementation of a technology pilot and/or application of technologies. Give an overview of technolog(ies) that would benefit your community and serve as the base on which you build a formal funding proposal. The application of technology should be clearly relevant to your vision and motivation. This section should address the following questions:

  • Which subtopic would your project be centered around? You may select one or more, but one subtopic should be the main focus:
    • Agricultural Technology
    • Healthcare
    • Education and Workforce Development
  • How is your community planning to address the current conditions and motivating factors described in the previous sections? Provide an example of an ideal use-case in your community. Refer to Section 2.2 for examples of use cases under each subtopic. · What types of partnerships have you already established in pursuit of this project?

Q4. Point of Contact / Project Lead: Name, email, phone number.

Q5. Point of Contact’s best hours of availability to field application questions if needed.

Q5. Please enter the following information for each partnership you intend to utilize during your

  • Name
  • Point of Contact and corresponding contact information
  • Role – a description of how each partner will contribute to the project. For example, a non-profit might contribute to community engagement, an organization may be a broadband partner, or an academic institution might provide classes. Each partnership listed should have a corresponding Letter of Support signed by an authorized representative of the entity in the required attachment.

Q6. The following items should be included in one (1) PDF attachment that is 25 pages or less.

1) Letters of Support – Leadership Support
Each final application should include Letter(s) of Support from relevant community leadership and should identify available support from organizational leadership in the application process. As projects will be seeking funding, leadership will need to be involved and appraised of these proposal developments and have a vision for how the project fits into the goals of the community. All participating local governments must submit a letter of support from a high-ranking elected representative or employee of the local government (e.g. Mayor, County Commission Chair, City Manager, etc.). There are no requirements for exactly which high-ranking official must provide this letter of support. However, the individual chosen must be authorized and empowered to commit the government’s time and resources as necessary to complete the proposed work. Letters must appear on official letterhead and include the representative’s signature.

2) Letters of Support – Financial Support
Each final application should include documentation of the availability, source, and value of the community’s investment in cost sharing. This can include both secured funds and potential funding. These funds can come from partner organizations, federal or state funding or from internal funds. Please refer to Section 5 of the Request for Proposals for outlines of cost sharing requirements. Letters from government entities must appear on official letterhead and include the signature of an official authorized to commit the resources. Letters from donors or partners should include a commitment statement and the donor’s signature. Other documentation may be provided, as necessary, to establish the nature, value and source of the match.

Q7. (Optional) List references utilized in your application.

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