PINacle Symposium

What is the PINacle Symposium?

The PINacle Symposium is an event that will allow researchers from diverse universities and disciplines to workshop ideas for impactful and innovative community research projects together with the communities they will impact and pursue funding for their idea as an outcome.

Municipality representatives will speak about the challenges they face, then faculty researchers will speak about their areas of interest and relevant projects. The Partnership will then facilitate breakout groups where they will form community-research teams to discuss application for the Partnership’s seed funding as an outcome.

Who Should Participate?

We’re currently recruiting representatives from Georgia municipalities (cities or counties) and higher education faculty from any institution in the state who have challenges or interests in the following areas to join us for the event:

  • Mobility & Equity (Improving Transportation for All)
  • Smart Resilience (Disaster Response, Energy Efficiency, Public Safety)
  • Smart Cities Topics (Leveraging Technology and Data to Improve Municipal Operations)

When is the event?

This event is scheduled for October 28th, 2022.

How do I attend?

Contact the Partnership’s Community Research Manager ( to express interest, and get additional information to prepare for your presentation. You can also use the “Apply Now” button below to schedule a meeting to learn more.

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