Pilot Program Overview

The Partnership’s Pilot Program (Pilot Program) is a statewide grant program dedicated to increasing and improving access, growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation throughout the state with a focus on under-served communities. Our goal is to support a portfolio of pilots that will scale programs, services, and advance technology deployments across the state. These pilots will vary in size and scope but ultimately will serve as a catalyst for change, ensuring the resources, access, and opportunities created for Georgians are sustained through a coordinated and ongoing network of public-private partnerships.

The Pilot Program provides grant funding to Georgia businesses, entrepreneurs, government and nonprofit organization that share our vision and mission in building a more inclusive and innovative Georgia. The Partnership defines inclusive innovation as increasing and improving access and opportunities for all Georgians to drive innovation and creating an opportunity for all of us to thrive together as part of the innovation ecosystem. To achieve sustainable, inclusive innovation, the Partnership will leverage statewide resources in entrepreneurship and technology with a focus on under-served communities, such as rural areas, communities of color, and other minority groups to build a partnership network that supports our commitment to enhance connectivity, talent retention and development, and access to capital that will set Georgia on a path of prosperity for all.

Highlights of the Pilot Program:

  • One-time grant financial funding
  • Pilot Program management and communications support
  • Access to Partnership partners, collaborators, and pilots
  • Smart Community Corps capacity and technical support
  • Member of the Pilot program alumni network and larger Partnership ecosystem
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