Inclusive Innovation Leadership Program


By embedding inclusive innovation in entrepreneurial ecosystem building, The Partnership believes innovation becomes a powerful catalyst for economic prosperity and positive change on a global scale. The Partnership’s Leadership Program is a comprehensive development program designed to foster inclusive innovation, establish a community team of innovation leaders and connect a network of emerging and established innovation hubs across local and regional communities to improve economic opportunity and growth for all.  

For aspiring leaders and ecosystem builders, the Leadership Program provides a transformative experience through a community team cohort model of development. The program’s primary focus is to foster inclusive innovation, public-private collaborations, build and sustain a regional network of social capital and elevate the development of a team to actively lead the building and strengthening of their local innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems.  

The Partnership’s Leadership Program is a program made possible with financial support from the Energy, Policy and Innovation Center (EPICenter) at Georgia Tech. 

For general inquiries about this program, please contact Jamal Lewis and Rachel Cronin. Check back soon for more information about this program.

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