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Economic Opportunity supports the Partnership’s goal to define Georgia’s entrepreneurial identity as a national leader in technology research, development, and implementation by empowering initiatives that create and sustain shared opportunities of economic success for all Georgian's through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

As our pillar grows, we must take new approaches to supporting the communities we serve. The Partnership's Innovate for All (IA) Program has been tremendously impactful. Since the program was first launched in 2020, our funded projects have secured $12.3M in additional funding, supported 1,500 people, 221 businesses and created 111 access to capital opportunities to-date. Now, we have determined it is time to refocus efforts to solving new challenges in supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state of Georgia and beyond. While we continue to support our existing IA project portfolio, we will no longer accept new applications for the program. For additional ways to collaborate with the Partnership, we encourage you to explore our other pillar programs. We thank you for your interest and look forward to enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape through The Partnership’s Leadership Program.

Leadership Program

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation’s Leadership Program is a comprehensive development program designed to foster community teams and connect innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem leadership teams across local and regional communities. The program develops a team of community leaders to drive inclusive economic growth through actively building and strengthening local and regional innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem development.

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Awarded Economic Opportunity projects are committed to increasing and improving access to inclusive entrepreneurial support, healthcare, agriculture, digital inclusion, and more through the use of innovation, digital tools, and entrepreneurship that create sustained economic growth and impact across the Southern United States and beyond.

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