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The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is a
public-private partnership that guides efforts to help foster access, growth, entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the state, with the ultimate goal of achieving inclusive innovation throughout Georgia. The organization aspires to define Georgia’s entrepreneurial identity as a national leader in technology research, development and implementation. Explore the projects and the ways they are helping Georgia become a living laboratory for innovation.

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Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity supports initiatives that create and sustain statewide opportunities for shared economic success through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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Community Research

Community Research supports community initiatives that advance “smart” technology to create a safer and sustainable future for citizens.

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Student Engagement

Student Engagement helps university and graduate students pursue their interest in social impact, with summer placements that provide hands-on engagement.

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Workforce Development

Workforce Development cultivates next-generation leaders with multi-industry transferable skills that deftly navigate public/private sectors, and to build public-private partnerships in key growth areas for social impact.

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Founding Partners

Leaders across Georgia working to advance a common vision.

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