Innovate for All FAQs


  • When are the application deadlines for Innovate for All?
    • 11:59pm (ET) on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 is the due date for the project applications. Please contact and if you have issues submitting the application.
  • When is the selection process timing?
    • All Fall applicants will be informed of their funding status by Friday, April 29, 2022.
    • Innovate for All considers applicants in the Spring and Fall cycles. The application due dates for each cycle will be provided once available. Fall applications that miss the requested cycle due date will automatically be considered for the Spring cycle.
  • If I were selected, when would I receive funding?
    • While this is subject to change, we anticipate funding to be provided in two increments. The first shortly after a project is selected and all new project onboarding is completed. The second is midway through the project. Additionally, funding distribution is subject the discretion of the Partnership – meaning we may stagger funding to occur over time.
  • What is the duration of funding?
    • Project applications should demonstrate how this one-time funding would help enable the creation of sustainable value over a two-year project period. Given, sustainability is a key component of Innovate for All, we will likely only fund initiatives once with the expectation for work to continue with additional funding from outside of PIN.
  • What happens after I submit my application?
    • The team will diligently review all project applicants based on the criteria requested. Semifinalist will be informed of additional interviews. All applicants will be informed of their funding status by the end of the cycle.

How we make decisions: 

  • What are the selection criteria for selecting projects?
    • Project scalability – Ability of the project to scale operations and impact into multiple regions across the state or statewide.
    • Team & Infrastructure – Experience and ability of project team and partners to drive execution
    • Innovation & Impact – Ability to deliver innovation and opportunity access that impact communities in multiple regions across the state.
    • Alignment to Innovate for All Values – Connection between the project’s objectives and PIN values
    • Return on Investment – Ability to increase impact of proposed project outcomes over time and create or secure additional funding sources.
    • Time to Value – the length of time required to achieve project outcomes and show impact.
    • Financial Sustainability – Ability for the project to survive to realize goals and proposed outcomes; a project’s ability to continuously secure sustainable funding or revenue is a key selection criterion as Innovate for All funding is a one-time grant with the expectation for the project or service to continue after the project period.
    • Risk Mitigation – Anticipation and defined process for mitigation of risk
  • What is the potential funding amount?
    • Innovate for All has a fixed amount to help fund innovation. We ask that you structure your proposals for up to $250,000. Please base your proposal budgets upon what is needed to successfully complete your project.
  • Who makes final funding decisions?
    • Final funding decision will be made by PIN’s Board of Advisors at our 2 annual Board meetings based on the recommended finalists. Once finalized, we will announce the winners after the Board meeting.
  • Will I receive all the funding I request?
    • This is up to the discretion of Innovate for All. Our allocation decisions are driven by PIN’s values and weighted against how we can best accomplish our vision for making Georgia the Technology Capital of the East Coast
  • What will Innovate for All NOT fund?
    • Innovate for All will not provide funding for
      • Physical infrastructure, buildings, land, etc.
      • Research projects
      • Projects that do not create inclusive innovation opportunity and access
      • Projects that do not or cannot scale impact multi-regional or statewide
    • Who should I request a letter of recommendation from?
      • Letters of recommendation should come from someone or organizations who know you and your organizations’ work. Recommenders should also have detailed knowledge surrounding the initiative itself, be involved as a partner or support organization in one or more of the multiple regions targeted by the project, potentially be considered a subject matter expert, or having led a similar initiative in the past.
    • What if I am not selected for project funding?
      • Innovate for All will inform you of selection decision. If you are not selected and it is determined that your project is a good fit for the program, you are strongly encouraged to reapply in the future cycles.
      • Innovate for All will offer the opportunity for written feedback to improve your application after the project cycle, if requested.
    • I’m not a startup, am I still able to apply for funding? Or What types of businesses does Innovate for All support? Or How do I know if I’m eligible?
      • Innovate for All funds Georgia entrepreneurs, innovators, organizations, local governments, and schools that promote our vision and mission of building a more inclusive and innovative Georgia for shared economic success.
      • Innovate for All encourages collaboration with multiple partners in proposal submission. Only one organization should apply for the Innovate for All grant; however, we like to see a network of support from multiple organizations and/or communities committed to the sustainability of the project.

Who we are and why we are doing this: 

  • What is Innovate for All?
    • Innovate for All provides grant funding for projects dedicated to increasing and improving access, growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation throughout the state with a focus on under-served communities. These projects will vary in size and scope but ultimately will serve as a catalyst for change, ensuring the resources, access, and opportunities created for Georgians are sustained through a coordinated and ongoing statewide network of support.
  • What are the objectives and mission of Innovate for All?
    • We are dedicated to Inclusive Innovation. Our goal is to support a portfolio of projects that will scale programs, services, and advance technology deployments across the state that improve, sustain, and expand access to opportunity for all Georgians.
    • Partnership guiding principles include: talent, connectedness, diversity, sustainability and identity – to achieve inclusive innovation, which we define as creating and increasing access and opportunity for all Georgians.
  • Is my location important for selection?
    • We will fund programs that benefit the economic ecosystem of Georgia. Entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in Georgia’s culture and is fueled by an innovative workforce and supportive business climate that is invested in Georgia’s success. The program wants to promote all of Georgia as a hub for innovation and will go to great lengths to enable unserved and underserved areas of Georgia to capitalize on opportunities.

Who can I contact if I have questions: 

  • Who can I contact with questions?
    • Jamal Lewis, Economic Opportunity Manager at


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