Innovate for All 2023 applications open

January 26, 2023, 2:01pm EDT

ATLANTA – The 2023 Innovate for All grant application cycle is open. Successful applicants can receive grants of up to $200,000 to support efforts to grow and scale financially sustainable social and economic impact projects. These projects span verticals including agriculture, connectivity, education, healthcare, inclusive entrepreneurship, technology and more. Innovate for All, The Partnership’s flagship program its Economic Opportunity Pillar, also provides resources and expertise to support program management and administration, along with access to additional cohort learning opportunities.

“Innovate for All funded projects are committed to increasing and improving access to inclusive entrepreneurship support, healthcare, agriculture, digital inclusion, and more through the use of innovation, digital tools, and education that create sustained economic opportunities all over Georgia and beyond.” said Jamal Lewis, the Partnership’s economic opportunity manager. “The Partnership provides pivotal financial and social capital for projects to scale what they have created here as a viable solution for other parts of the country facing similar challenges.”

Innovate for All supports innovators, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other organizations with active projects that generate scalable social impacts and sustainable economic opportunities, particularly in geographic areas and social communities that have been historically underrepresented and overlooked throughout Georgia. In designing and implementing solutions for one community, these projects can serve as a model for growth in areas facing similar barriers and challenges throughout the United States. One such project is Mini City which enables cities, clinics, shelters, care providers in their efforts to assist, track and innovate for those they serve using smart tech solutions more efficiently.

“The Mini City team is extremely grateful for this generous funding and partnership via the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation. This support has enabled us to change the lives of nearly 25,000 vulnerable citizens through our compassionate tech hub, bringing life critical benefits to disadvantaged communities as they take steps towards sustainability.” said India Jha, CEO of Mini City. “We will continue to support our current partners, and plan to empower an additional 150 community-based organizations with our software. We look forward to this continued journey with the Partnership.”

The 2023 application deadline has been extended and will remain open until 12pm ET on Wednesday, March 8th, 2023.

More information about the application process is available at

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