Inclusive IDEAS Welcomes All To Join Our Statewide Innovation Community.

Inclusive Innovation Development Entrepreneurship Access and Support (IDEAS) is a statewide community of diverse and collaborative leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, innovation champions, mentors, and funders that together create and sustain opportunities to scale social and economic impacts throughout the state of Georgia and beyond. Inclusive IDEAS fosters a culture of collaboration through a community of practice model that creates access to resources in education, innovation, entrepreneurship, relationship building, and partnership opportunities to support innovation, technology activation, and entrepreneurship. The Inclusive IDEAS community believes everyone can be an innovator – and our goal is to create the community and support to allow all people the opportunity to take risks, fail, and succeed.

Interested in Joining IDEAS?

Our community is open for all who share in the values of the Partnership’s Principles for Inclusive Innovation.

  • Connectivity – Staying connected allows us to scale and magnify our innovation story by creating networks of access and opportunity.
  • Talent – Georgia’s record for building and attracting world-class homegrown talent, is key to unlocking our innovation potential.
  • Diversity – We are only as innovative as we are diverse.
  • Sustainability – We are focused on sustainable actions that drive our state forward.
  • Identity – Our work must be uniquely Georgian. We will be known not just for rankings but for our distinct entrepreneurial identity.

Innovators and entrepreneurs who expand their impact across Georgia play a pivotal role in creating and sustaining economic opportunities. Join Inclusive IDEAS diverse community of leaders collaborating to build a stronger Georgia for all.

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