Hydrogen: What’s real, what’s hype, and what’s happening?

August 06, 2021, 4:08pm EDT

Date: 11/11/2021


Moderator | Tim Lieuwen | Executive Director, The Strategic Energy Institute | LinkedIn

Tim Echols | Public Service Commissioner of Georgia | LinkedIn 

Scott McWhorter | Director, Strategic Programs Office, Savannah River National Laboratory |  LinkedIn

Mark Berry | Vice President, Environmental and Natural Resources, Georgia Power; Vice President, Research and Development, Southern Company Services | LinkedIn

Neva Espinoza | Director, Low-Carbon Technologies, EPRI | LinkedIn

Does the recent headline news regarding the future of hydrogen fuels have you confused about whether hydrogen is a viable piece of the decarbonization puzzle? If so, then you are not alone. Tune in to this webinar to discover how and why hydrogen fuels should be a part of a comprehensive decarbonization strategy by sorting hydrogen fuel fact from fiction and learn how the Southeast is well-positioned to lead the nation in hydrogen fuel research and deployment.

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