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Startup Runway Georgia, initiated by Startup Runway Foundation in 2022, is a ground-breaking program designed to connect underrepresented founders in Georgia with crucial capital and investors. This innovative endeavor seeks to bridge the gap in access to venture capital, especially for founders outside the metro Atlanta area. Through sourcing and empowering entrepreneurs, offering educational programming on capital raising, facilitating connections with key investors, and dispersing non-dilutive grants, Startup Runway Georgia aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive tech ecosystem across the state.

Since its inception, Startup Runway Georgia has made significant strides in fulfilling its mission. By sourcing over 600 Georgia startups, distributing $120k in grants, facilitating 120 connections with VC and angel investors and raising $10 million by Startup Runway Georgia finalists, the project has already begun to address the disparities in funding and investor access faced by underrepresented founders. Notably, the program’s Women’s Her Story events and VC Day initiatives have provided invaluable opportunities for networking, pitching and securing capital for women and minority founders.

Looking ahead, Startup Runway Georgia has ambitious goals for 2024 and beyond. The project aims to strengthen accelerator partnerships, expand outreach to diverse founders through collaboration with universities and scale its impact nationally by replicating successful programs like Women’s Her Story in other states. It also recently launched its Startup Runway Relay Online Mentoring program, providing business founders additional access to mentorship opportunities as it builds its program out further. The project seeks to secure $2 million in annual sponsorship revenue by 2030, positioning itself as the premier nonprofit supporting underrepresented founders in Georgia and beyond. With a commitment to inclusivity, innovation and collaboration, Startup Runway Georgia continues to lead the charge in transforming Georgia’s startup ecosystem.

With the number of program applications steadily increasing, the Startup Runway team, supported by Valor, has developed a groundbreaking AI platform, Startup Runway Relay. This ingenious system anonymously connects mentors with founders, providing valuable support as they refine their business concepts and products. According to the Startup Runway team, the Runway Relay system is currently undergoing a trial phase, with 20 companies and 5 mentors actively participating.

To learn more about Startup Runway Georgia, view its  Midterm Report.

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