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In 2022, Startup Runway Foundation launched Startup Runway Georgia, an innovative program focused on connecting underrepresented technology founders in Georgia to capital and investors. This program focuses on supporting tech-enabled entrepreneurs who are typically overlooked, particularly those in areas outside of the metropolitan Atlanta region in Georgia, by providing resources and opportunities to help them succeed. This is accomplished through educational programs designed to teach startup owners how to raise capital and facilitate connections between startups and investors, which is crucial for scaling a business. Additionally, the program works to strengthen the tech ecosystem by dispersing non-dilutive grants to create a pipeline of new startups.   

Through its first year, Startup Runway has successfully disbursed $40k in grants with its 1st annual Startup Runway GA VC day. As of the project midterm, the project has made 80 angel connections with GA startups, helping Startup Runway Georgia access additional $1.4M in new funding. In addition, 306 Georgia startups have been sourced, $10M in capital has been raised by all Georgia Startup Runway finalists, and over 40 new entrepreneurial support organizations connections have been established. Startup Runway Georgia is fueling the pipeline of tech enabled founders in Georgia leading to improved access and opportunities across the state.  

Going forward into the program’s second year, Startup Runway aims to continue hosting the startup runway events. Significant disparities exist for Georgia founders, especially those outside of Atlanta with gaining access to VC’s and funding to help their startups grow. Startup Runway is planning to make new introductions with corporate and civic organizations across the state to scale the support of underserved founders. In 2023, Startup Runway will be conducting programs in Athens and Savannah to expand their reach to startups across the state prepared to participate in Startup Runway Georgia Program. 

View the Startup Runway Midterm Report.

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