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Community Research Based 5E Activity for High School Classrooms

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The Partnership is pleased to share a classroom activity for high school students with teachers and administrators across the state of Georgia!

In summer 2021, together with the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) and Microsoft, the Partnership worked with two Savannah teachers to develop a high school math curriculum based on Georgia Smart Community Challenge projects. The two teachers worked with the City of Savannah’s Civic Data Science for Equitable Development project to frame out a classroom activity that answers the frequent student question: “When will I use this in real life?”

This activity, aptly called “What Makes a Good Neighborhood?” allows students the opportunity to assess their neighborhoods, utilizing qualitative and statistical data analysis to make data-based decisions as to how to improve the property value in their area without sacrificing the historical or personal integrity of the area. Students will be given access to public tax records as well as other data to assist them in making sound decisions. Students will also learn how neighborhood schools receive funding and how elected officials impact the area, making this a cross curricular activity. Particular attention will be given to access to public transportation and if persons with special needs have equal access to all facets in the given area.

This structured classroom activity seeks to embrace the intersection of data and technology and its usefulness in creating safer and more efficient places to live, while also addressing the inequities that Smart Cities work to correct.

If you are interested in utilizing this 5E activity in your classroom, please follow the “Get the Curriculum” button below to gain access.

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