Smart & Sustainable Travel

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The Smart and Sustainable Travel project aims to equip smart communities with the tools to attain their sustainable travel goals as part of the Smart Community Corps Intern Program for Summer 2022!

Many communities have adopted personalized sustainable travel goals that aim to reduce their environmental footprint. Despite using advanced information, communication, and sensor technologies, communities often do not deploy the best solutions that can maximize the change in citizens’ transportation behaviors.

Recognizing the untapped potential in these communities, Dr. Srinivas Peeta, along with Smart Community Corps interns plan to develop systematic deployment tools that communities can use to meet their sustainable travel goals. These tools will be personalized behavioral interventions that incentive drivers to consider sustainable alternatives. The research and data collection necessary for these tools’ creation will be collected in the City of Peachtree Corners, which will act like a living lab for this project.

Multi-objective and multi-agent optimization, machine learning, behavioral economics, and data and policy analytics will also guide the development of these tools. In addition, this project will work with communities to create local policies that make travel alternatives more flexible and accessible.

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