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Led by founder Kashi Sehgal, Retaaza’s Fresh Food Forward project makes healthy food more accessible to Georgia residents while enhancing economic stability for local farmers. Since receiving PIN Entrepreneurial grant funding in 2022, Retaaza has developed business relationships with 3 new clients, 4 new nonprofit partners, and 8 new farms. It also diverted food waste in 21 counties across Georgia, donating nearly 40,000 pounds of food to more than 4,155 food-insecure households. More recently, Retaaza launched Retaaza Rx, a mobile market in Clinch County that purchases surplus produce from local farmers and delivers it to residents.  

The organization is also collaborating with Georgia Tech’s Dr. Valerie Thomas to investigate the amount of methane released from landfilling food waste, the impact of food miles, and farmer’s surplus food management methods. This research will contribute substantially to existing general research and literature regarding sustainability, food waste, and agriculture. Thus far, Retaaza’s Fresh Food Project has supported farmers by purchasing nearly 113 tons of food from 22 farms. Gaining national attention, Retaaza has received additional $403,000 in additional grant funding through the United States Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Research Alliance. The project will continue to expand its support of Georgia communities through partnering with organizations and farmers to provide fresh, healthy foods directly to families and individuals most in need.  

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