Forest Carbon Registry in Southeast Georgia

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Sustainable Development Carbon Registry

The voluntary Sustainable Development Carbon Registry builds on Georgia’s existing Carbon Registry to enable the tracking of carbon stored in commercial construction projects throughout the state as well as carbon emissions avoided by using environmentally friendly building materials such as lumber and timber for structural purposes. The systems created encourage real estate developers and builders to help mitigate climate change by utilizing materials that store more carbon and emit less carbon in their extraction, manufacture, transportation & disposition. The Sustainable Development Carbon Registry is managed by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC).

The Sustainable Development Carbon Registry offers carbon credits to commercial construction projects that utilize building-embedded carbon or embodied carbon. With the first sustainable commercial construction project underway, GFC and Okefenokee Swamp Park (OSP) have created a draft protocol with a focus on the Greater Okefenokee Association of Landowners to track the progress of the project and calculate the carbon credits earned by the project.

SCC interns will work with GFC and OSP to help create a final version of GFC’s draft protocol. Interns will learn about forest carbon sequestration practices, existing forest carbon programs, and the Georgia Forest Carbon Registry to aid the Okefenokee in furthering the development of this protocol.

With the help of SCC interns, this project will create protocol for the Sustainable Development Carbon Registry, to reduce and track carbon emissions from commercial construction projects. To view a larger image of this presentation, click here. 


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