Improving Indoor Air Quality in Statesboro

Proof-of-Concept Study for an Indoor Air Quality Intervention in the Workplace of Public Historical Buildings in Downtown Statesboro

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The City of Statesboro is partnering with a multidisciplinary research team to investigate indoor air quality in rural public buildings in Statesboro, Georgia. Led by Dr. Jingjing Yin, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Dr. Atin Adhikari, Associate Professor of Environmental Health, Dr. Stacy Smallwood, Associate Professor of Community Health at Georgia Southern University, and Dr. Anindya Chanda from Fayetteville State University, this proof-of-concept study will consider both objective sensor data and subjective perceptions through employee surveys to measure intervention impact. Focusing on malodor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), two parallel data collection processes and green interventions using indoor plants will be used to address air pollutant issues. The study involves active engagement with stakeholders, including students, administrators and city employees. This inclusive project aims to improve indoor air quality for city employees and the larger local population, offering scalability potential and serving as a reference for similar areas on indoor air quality evaluation and intervention.

“The City of Statesboro is excited to be partnering with Dr. Jingjing Yin and her colleagues at Georgia Southern University on this indoor air quality study. The well-being of our employees and visitors is of the utmost importance to our organization. It is our hope that this study will equip the City of Statesboro with the necessary tools and resources to improve air quality in city facilities. We are thankful to the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge for funding this opportunity and look forward to seeing the innovative solutions generated from this study.” – Jonathan McCollar, Mayor of Statesboro. 

A staff member waters plants within an office building.
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