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The Greater Augusta Art Council is planning to develop an artist matchmaking platform. This platform will help artists, potential public art property controllers, and people looking to commission artists to connect with each other in an easy-to-use forum that supports the sharing of work samples and contact information in a safe environment.


SCC interns will create an online matchmaking forum in which artists can list themselves with samples of their work and rates for hire. Property owners with walls for murals or land for sculptures can also list their locations, and people seeking artists for gigs, commissions, or other paid opportunities for artists to showcase their skills and make a living can list those opportunities.


This project will expand the network of opportunities for people in Augusta to engage with the arts and local artists and provide local artists with a dignified way to gain public recognition for their skills. Interns will assist all these groups in connecting with each other fairly and openly while reducing the technological barriers for these parties to find one another.


With the help of SCC interns, the Greater Augusta Art Council will expand the network of opportunities for artists in Augusta by connecting them with potential clients openly and equitably. You can view a larger image of the presentation here.


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