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Georgia City Solutions (GCS) is helping cities create a path forward with a unique approach of scaling, replicating, and customizing programs to suit the needs of municipal governments and their partner organizations. GCS has successfully launched programs in three initial focus areas: Equity and Inclusion (E&I); Municipal Workforce Development; and Youth Leadership and Engagement. As a relatively new non-profit, GCS lacks an integrated data hub and infrastructure to track, coordinate and analyse data related to focus areas. This lack of analytic capability limits GCS’s ability to measure and report program impact as well as share information in a holistic manner about what and how cities are working in these areas of focus.

SCC interns will plan and develop a much-needed data hub and visualization platform that would add to and integrate the member database with third-party tools and software to assist GCS in measuring and reporting program impact as well as provide a storytelling platform about the work being done in partnership with cities in the GCS areas of focus.

With the help of SCC interns, this project will aid GCS in measuring, reporting, and sharing information relating to E&I, municipal workforce development, and youth leadership and engagement. To view a larger image of this presentation, click here.

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