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With support from The Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Grant program, the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture (GFA), in partnership with STEMuli and Georgia Farm Bureau, will develop a best-in-class educational metaverse that will integrate real world Georgia agriculture experiences and curriculum into an engaging and immersive 3D virtual smart city. Helping to expand on the largely successful Georgia Ag Experience state-of-the-art mobile classroom, this metaverse project will allow GFA to expand beyond the physical limitations of a mobile classroom to ensure all students have access to elementary agriculture education standards-based game learning. Within this virtual world, students will experience AI-powered, game-based learning modules helping students learn how to grow food, invest profits, and develop sustainable ag businesses.The project will also enhance the ag teacher’s ability to successfully deliver the curriculum and track student performance against the state standards, an assessment that currently does not exist due to the lack of state testing for ag education at the elementary level. Together, the project team will provide an innovative solution to agriculture education in the classroom, address ongoing challenges for elementary teachers in Georgia, and develop a world where students have early exposure to the limitless and exciting possibilities of a career in agriculture. 

Two children work on iPads to practice farming activities in the metaverse.
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