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Smart Pedestrian Planning

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Clayton County will build a decision support system for transport project prioritization to promote mobility equity and identify smart technologies to support walkability in the community. The project plans to employ local high school students to use new semi-automated data collection methods to inventory roadsides and sidewalks throughout the county and along main pedestrian corridors to build a robust database needed to support the pedestrian asset management system.

The system will assist in identifying high impact infrastructure maintenance and development based on building out new connections between regions and improving ADA accessibility, all while minimizing cost and maximizing equity.

The county has aging infrastructure and higher than average obesity and physical inactivity rates, rendering improvements to walkability a key approach in providing equitable opportunities for safe physical activity for citizens in this community. Additionally, the county will engage the community through stakeholder events, surveys, and other activities to build support and get feedback and inputs to promote equitable development throughout the region.

Dr. Randall Guensler, Professor, at Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Arthi Rao, Research Scientist and Dr. Catherine Ross, Harry West Professor of City & Regional Planning, Director, at Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development are partnered with Clayton County on the project and will oversee the sidewalk inventory and data collection, perform data analysis, and identify appropriate smart technology to support Clayton County’s efforts to improve mobility and walkability in the community.

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