City of Atlanta Transportation Initiative

Assessing Atlanta’s Infrastructure for Equitable Access to Active Transportation and Multimodal Mobility

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The City of Atlanta will enhance its transportation network for smart, clean mobility and equitable active transportation. Led by Dr. Fei Li of Georgia State University’s Urban Institute, the project seeks to understand how physical infrastructure and the built environment influence perceptions and behaviors related to active transportation and multimodal mobility. With collaborations between City of Atlanta Department of Transportation (DOT), MARTA, Propel ATL, Georgia State University’s Micromobility Lab and University of Massachusetts Amherst’s College of Engineering, this project will assess barriers to active transportation in target Atlanta neighborhoods, focusing on those with upcoming planned infrastructure improvements. The proposed strategy involves a comprehensive approach to gather data on physical infrastructure, environmental conditions and residents’ perceptions of active transportation in target neighborhoods. Findings from this research will lead to data-driven insights, community collaboration and solutions to promote equitable multimodal mobility. The project’s results will inform policies incorporating smart transportation technology, contributing to a safer, cleaner and more connected Atlanta.

A streetcar navigates through downtown Atlanta.
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