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Housing Data Analytics and Visualization Initiative

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The city of Albany, will develop and evaluate an automated housing registry for the city as part of a Smart Resilience initiative using grant funding from Georgia Smart.

Albany’s current housing inventory of 33,398 is managed using inefficient handwritten inspection sheets which are translated into several spreadsheets, consuming significant resources and allowing for significant potential for transcription error.

“The proposed work is directly related to one of our City’s six strategic goals and will establish an efficient inventory of key community housing and associated infrastructure conditions. This type of inventory will better serve to provide decision-makers with data driven information for the most efficient allocation of resources within our community.” – Sharon Subadan, Albany City Manager

The Albany Housing Data Analytics and Visualization Initiative seeks to bridge the gap between the available data and the need for a comprehensive, flexible and accurate database that can provide the data and information necessary to manage the Albany housing inventory effectively. The product of the initiative will allow for a better measurement of public funds allocated for housing and neighborhood infrastructure repairs and enhancements using an automated data analytics and visualization reporting tool. The system will encourage a safe and sustainable housing inventory for the city.

Albany is partnering with Georgia Tech professor Dr. Omar Isaac Asensio to streamline the data gathering and processing efforts. Dr. Asensio will work with Albany to develop a robust and expandable data repository, develop best practices for data collection, and help develop data mining and analysis techniques relevant for Albany’s housing information.

Smart Community Corps students worked with the Albany community over multiple summers. You can find out more information about those projects here.

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