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Connected Vehicle Technology Master Plan

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Building off the Connected Vehicle Technology Master Plan project funded in 2020 by the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge program, Gwinnett County will work with Smart Community Corps interns in the summer of 2022 on their Smart Corridor.

The Traffic Engineering Division of the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance of 749 traffic signals, over 250 miles of fiber and over 350 CCTVs. Gwinnett DOT developed the Connected Vehicle Technology Master Plan as part of the inaugural cohort of GA Smart. This plan underpins the Gwinnett County Smart Corridor and Gwinnett’s participation in the Regional Connected Vehicle Program, both of which are in partnership with GDOT. Both efforts are currently under construction and a significant number of devices should be deployed by summer 2022, so there will be connected vehicle messages actively being sent and received.

As part of this deployment, SCC interns will work with Gwinnett DOT to provide before and after analysis of the emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) component. This will allow them to evaluate the impact of emergency preemption, both to emergency response time as well as system recovery time. In addition, there are a number of connected vehicle initiatives outside of EVP to consider, including railroad preemption, mobile work zones, and pedestrian information. Interns will also dig into the Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) and Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) to determine what opportunities are available to facilitate automation in traffic and incident management.

This project is supported by the Partnership’s Smart Community Corps interns.

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