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Smart Program Overview

“Community initiatives can be more successful through collaborative, people-focused approaches, and those qualities are what make the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge an important effort for the region.” -Doug Hooker, Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Commission

The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge (Georgia Smart) is an award-winning program that empowers smart local development within the State of Georgia. Georgia Smart welcomes communities of any size in Georgia to apply for technical and financial assistance that enables them to envision, explore, and plan for their “smart” future. Selected communities are provided resources, a partnership with a Georgia Tech research team, networking opportunities, and access to additional, unique partnerships to execute their projects over the course of the year.

Georgia Smart is powered by the Georgia Institute of Technology, along with Georgia Power, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), Association County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Centers for Innovation, Georgia Chamber, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Georgia Municipal Association, Metro Atlanta Chamber, and Technology Association of Georgia, Georgia Planning Association, and the Global City Teams Challenge.


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