Access to Capital: Building a Resilient Small Business Economy

February 04, 2022, 1:02pm EDT

Date: 4/14/2022


Rachel Shanklin | Georgia Outreach Manager, Small Business Majority – Host | LinkedIn

Stephaney Bolden | Senior Business Development Officer, LiftFund | LinkedIn

Tonita McKnight | EDFP, Business Development Officer, Albany Community Together (ACT), INC. | LinkedIn

Linden Jackson | Small Business Coach, Operation HOPE | LinkedIn

Karen Davis | Georgia State Office of USDA Rural Development | LinkedIn

Philip Thomas | Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs | LinkedIn

Ricardo Cordew | Newtown Macon | LinkedIn



Join Partnership for Inclusive Innovation and Small Business Majority for a panel discussion on access to capital for small businesses in the State of Georgia. This #SMARTer Together Webinar will feature a panel of experts from across the state discussing information about available resources that can help finance the growth of small businesses to build a resilient local economy.

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