Accelerating EV Deployment in Georgia: Perspectives from the Front Line

Co-Hosted by Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute

April 27, 2022, 3:04pm EDT

Date: 5/12/2022


Rich Simmons (Moderator) | PhD, Principal Research Engineer, Strategic Energy Institute, Georgia Tech | LinkedIn

Alex Trachtenburg | Energy & Sustainability Manager, Dept. of Real Estate/Asset Mgt., Fulton County | LinkedIn

Mike Tinskey | Professor of the Practice, Georgia Tech. Formerly: Director of Electrification, Ford Motor Co. |  LinkedIn

Karen Winger | Zero Emission Vehicle Lead for SE, WSO USA | LinkedIn

Mark A. Smith II | Senior Planning Policy Coordinator, GDOT


This webinar will provide a glimpse into current efforts to accelerate EV charging from multiple perspectives: State, County and Campus. This will include a review of current targets being established by Fulton County and the state of Georgia in the 2025-2030 timeframe. Panelists will also provide an update on pilots and demonstrations, a discussion of various use cases including corridor (interstate), urban and fleet charging needs, and ways of optimizing government funds resources.

More about Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute here.

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