A Second Year of Impact Advancing Innovation for the Future of Georgia

Catalyzing Innovation and Opportunity

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (the Partnership) has made a lot of progress in just two short years. In addition to setting new programs in motion, we’re proud to have made a real impact in advancing innovation and inclusivity across the entire state of Georgia. For more details related to our impact and what we’ve accomplished, please download the full report.

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Enter the State of Innovation

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Meaningful Progress. Measurable Results.

The impact of catalyzing collaboration among the next
generation of innovation leaders and the powerful ecosystem
of businesses, universities and government.

Inclusive Innovation Helps Our Communities Thrive

“I’m honored to be part of the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation and to help define Georgia as a national leader in technology research, development and implementation. Georgia has been voted the number one state in which to do business for six years in a row, and it has a strong commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation. I look forward to seeing the long-term impact that the Partnership will make across Georgia in the future.” – Reed Dulany, President and CEO, Dulany Industries

Expanding innovation programs to be more inclusive

Helping advance new and established entrepreneurs

Finding and supporting innovators who haven’t had access to resources or a business network

Establishing Georgia as a tech capital of the East Coast and model for inclusive innovation

Activating the potential of those with a vision

Economic Opportunity

Defining Georgia’s entrepreneurial identity as a national leader in innovation and technology research, development and implementation

We have supported six projects and invested $1.8M in projects that create and sustain shared opportunities of economic success. In return, our projects have secured $6.2 million in additional funding to be leveraged for development in the Georgia ecosystem. We proudly amplify the work we have been able to accomplish to ensure the access and opportunities created are sustained through a growing statewide community of innovation champions.

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Student Engagement

Developing next generation leaders for public service, innovation and technology

This year’s Smart Community Corps (SCC) program had 33 interns competitively selected from 140 applicants. They represent 11 Georgia universities and 17 academic disciplines. The students spent the summer working on 16 projects across the state. In addition to the civic innovation work, what makes Smart Community Corps unique is its pair model. SCC work primarily in pairs on projects, bringing complementary backgrounds, skills and expertise together to learn from each other as they collaborate on
the projects.

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Community Research


Progressing a culture of inclusivity that invests in the future of innovation for all

The Partnership’s flagship Community Research program, the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge (often referred to as simply “Georgia Smart”) is a community research assistance program that empowers communities on their journey to innovation by helping them to envision a smart and connected future. This program has served 20 communities across the state of Georgia, helping to activate over 170 technologies and facilitate over 30 community engagement meetings.

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Workforce Development

Investing in human capital across the state to build capabilities that meet the needs of employers

The Workforce Development pillar engages the current and developing workforce to build meaningful careers, create systems of economic mobility, build pipelines for talent to Georgia employers across the state and boost connectivity in the workforce throughout the state and its various sectors. Its flagship program is the Workforce for Tomorrow Fellowship (WFT). WFT is a first-of-its-kind rotational fellowship program that aims to cultivate next-generation leaders with multi-industry transferable skills that deftly navigate public-private sectors, and to build public-private partnerships in key growth areas for social impact.

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