2023 Impact Report: Access, Innovation and Economic Prosperity

Partnership 2023 Summer Internship Program

New Opportunities and Shared Success

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (the Partnership) has made a lot of progress in just three short years. In addition to setting new programs in motion, we’re proud to have made a real impact in advancing innovation and inclusivity across the entire state of Georgia, the Southeast and beyond. For more details related to our impact and what we’ve accomplished, please download the full report.

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Enter the State of Innovation

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Building Momentum. Increasing Impact.

The impact of catalyzing collaboration among the next
generation of innovation leaders and the powerful ecosystem
of businesses, universities and government.

Philanthropy Southeast's Truist Promise Award

“Your organization’s work, particularly its use of many forms of philanthropic capital and cross-sector partnerships, is an inspiring example of what we hope to recognize with this award.”

– Janine Lee, President & CEO, Philanthropy Southeast

Leveraging social and financial capital to catalyze innovation

Developing a new generation of innovators

Lowering the barriers to entry to foster more innovation

Innovating for well and good together

Advancing shared economic prosperity throughout Georgia and the Southeast

The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities’ Public Impact Research Award

“Improving the human condition through research, and more importantly, applying those research innovations to solving real world challenges has been our core focus since our founding in in 1885. The Partnership is the embodiment of that mission and our continued commitment to economic development in Georgia and beyond.”

– Chaouki T. Abdallah, Executive Vice President for Research, Georgia Tech

Economic Opportunity

*Jamal Lewis stands with entrepreneurs and ESO leads at an event in Macon.*

Promoting Economic Growth: Uniting Diverse Leaders for Lasting Impact

Economic Opportunity drives local growth by supporting entrepreneurship, connecting regional hubs and fostering collaboration among a diverse range of leaders. We champion sustainable, equitable access and opportunities through a network of inclusive innovation leaders and public-private collaborations, spurring economic impact and social advancement.

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Student Engagement

Developing Georgia’s Future Leaders

The Partnership cultivates future leaders in Georgia through inclusive programs and the flagship Partnership Summer Internship (PSI). This 12-week paid opportunity connects diverse interns with communities, fostering innovation and civic technology for equitable Southeastern communities. The program includes mentorship, career development and innovative seminars, aiming to level the professional field for all Georgians.

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Community Research

Community Research

Empowering Communities Through Innovative Research

The Community Research Pillar fosters collaborations between researchers and municipalities to innovate technology and data use for overall prosperity. Participating communities receive substantial resources: a funded research team, program management, a Summer Internship program, networking and exclusive partnerships. Successful alumni extend their projects, obtaining extra funding and corporate sector aid, maintaining service to residents and achieving community goals.

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Workforce Development

Partnership Fellowship

Forging Future Innovators: Early-Career Talent in High-Tech Industries

The Workforce Development pillars shapes AI, CleanTech, IT and cybersecurity talent, bridging a gap for bachelor’s degree-holders. It offers cross-sector experience, skill development and networking for versatile career transitions.

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Results Across the Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem

“The Partnership’s support has enabled Mini City to make great strides toward our goal to change the lives of nearly 25,000 vulnerable citizens through our compassionate tech hub, bringing life critical benefits to disadvantaged communities as they take steps towards sustainability.”

– India Jha, Co-founder and CEO, Mini City

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