Amplifying Innovation and Prosperity for All


Innovation, Opportunity and Shared Economic Success

The definition of inclusive innovation: improving access and opportunities for all Georgians to drive innovation and creating an opportunity for all of us to thrive together as part of the innovation ecosystem. Inclusive innovation includes geographic, racial, gender and socio-economic equity.

These programs impact not only the urban and suburban centers of Georgia, but also the rural areas of the state - places that are often overlooked as hubs of innovation.

Promote open innovations that drive inclusion and growth

Catalyze economic mobility for a more resilient and equitable future

Unlock the promise of innovators who have traditionally been shut out

Activate untapped potential by catalyzing collaboration among the next generation of innovation leaders

Establish Georgia as a tech capital of the East Coast and model for inclusive innovation

Our Unique Approach

Our model is a unique combination of four hallmarks. First, we are a public-private coalition that have galvanized long-term commitments across public and private resources. Second, the Partnership serves all of Georgia from urban centers to rural communities. Third our definition of “inclusive innovation” increases access and expands geographic, racial, gender and socio-economic equity and opportunity for all. And finally, we use a hybrid model that combines grantmaking with hands-on program operation.

Our Four Key Pillars

Through our four pillars, we provide social and financial capital to scaled programs, research, technology and services; and mentors the next generation of innovators who can navigate public private partnership for shared economic success. Each pillar has active networks, fluency to respond to emerging opportunities and a flagship program of innovation.

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Diversity- We are only as innovative as we are diverse

Talent - Georgia's record for building and attracting world-class homegrown talent is key to unlocking our innovation potential.

Connectivity- Staying connected allows us to scale and magnify our innovation story by creating networks of access and opportunity.

Sustainability- We are focused on sustainable actions that drive our state forward.

Identity- Our work must be uniquely Georgian. We will be known not just for rankings but for our distinct entrepreneurial identity.

Our Team

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is led by a group of established leaders from the state of Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and other prominent private and public institutions across the state that are committed to establishing a roadmap for advancing technology and innovation across Georgia.

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Our Board

The Board of Advisors includes leaders from the public and private sectors across Georgia. They are united by their vision to advance Georgia and their commitment to helping drive the long-term success of the organization.

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The Origin of PIN

The new Partnership for Inclusive Innovation brand was inspired by the “P” in Partnership and double “In” with Inclusive Innovation.

Founding Partners

Organizations across Georgia working to advance a common vision.

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