Amplifying Innovation and Prosperity for All

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation harnesses the ingenuity of citizens and communities to create a future that is more equitable and resilient for all.

Programs and resources target all innovators

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (PIN) is a public-private partnership that launched in 2020 to lead coordinated, statewide efforts to position Georgia as the Technology Capital of the East Coast.

Under the guidance of board chair G.P. Bud Peterson and executive director Debra Lam, the organization guides efforts and pilot programs to help foster access, growth, entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the state, with the ultimate goal of achieving inclusive innovation throughout Georgia.

Expanding innovation programs to be more inclusive

Helping advance new and established entrepreneurs

Finding and supporting innovators who haven’t had access to resources or a business network

Establishing Georgia as the tech capital of the East Coast

Activating the potential of those with a vision

Our Leadership

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is led by a group of established leaders from the state of Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and other prominent private and public institutions across the state that are committed to establishing a roadmap for advancing technology and innovation across Georgia.

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Our Advisory Board

The Board of Advisors includes leaders from the public and private sectors across Georgia. They are united by their vision to advance Georgia and their commitment to helping drive the long-term success of the organization.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Founding Partners

Organizations across Georgia working to advance a common vision.

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